About Me

Bookworm, baker, erstwhile graduate student, lover of trees, love of white space, lover of apples, lover of tea and decaf cappuccinos made with whole milk. Lover of people, all people, all creation, all the mess of it and flow of it. Lover of lamplight on the planes of people's faces over dinner, and the sounds of their stories in their own words and voices.

Wary of labels: but I am a feminist--or, taking a cue from my African American sisters, a womanist--in that I believe that women's flourishing is necessary for the good of the whole beloved community, children and men and the rest of life included.

I am a Christian in that I find myself compelled, though never without struggle, by a tradition following in the Way of Jesus Christ, whose story rouses my imagination and sets my heart afire within me. I'm also a recovering fundamentalist and a convinced anabaptist: learning a wider mercy and a holistic discipleship, which mostly means that some friends think I drank the liberal Kool-Aid and everyone else wonders what on earth I'm talking about.

This blog is a space where I experiment with integration, writing about books and faith and recipes, seeking to live in my mind-body all at once, to speak to my various (and at points conflicting) communities in one untidy virtual space. I always welcome comments.

In my day job I read and teach other people how to read. Also, I write and teach people how to write. As of 2013 I am also a mama.

Mostly, though, I feel like I spend my days learning how to live, still half-born.

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