Wednesday, July 9, 2008

these days

My recent world is warm. Skirt-warm, bare-my-bruised-knees-warm (they are bruised from the awkward ways I sit against furniture when my mind is in other places), iced-tea-warm, peppermint-bodywash-warm, constant-fan-warm.

My recent world is also rich with postcolonial feminist theory (which brings together so many of my concerns about ethics, women, responsibility) and postcolonial women writers (Jean Rhys! Anita Desai! Nadine Gordimer!). I'm learning ridiculous amounts of important stuff.

Also, in the gaps between the warm and the poco/fem, I've been rather fond of cut-up nectarines and vanilla ice cream. And yesterday (proof of humanity and love for my husband who doesn't cook much!) I made turkey burgers with baby swiss cheese and barbeque sauce, corn on the cob, and (leftover) sesame cole slaw. Yum

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  1. Why do some insist on perpetuating the dichotomy between xx and xy artists? To me it is much the same as comparing the works of left handed vs. right handed entities.

    As an aside, I would have really enjoyed your snaps of cheerios with strawberries and blueberries. I have seen offerings with just strawberries and some with just blueberries, but none with both. My loss.

    An old toothless, bearded, hag selling chrysanthemums once told me, "Take lots and lots of snaps. Some of them will be good."

    Life is good,