Monday, September 22, 2008

Nice bits of yesterday and today

- When we got our oil changed yesterday, the guy hinted that if we bought anything at the Jewel across the street, we'd get a $7-off coupon for the oil change. So for 88 cents (plus tax) we got a two-liter of Diet Cherry Pepsi and $7 off the oil change.

- Then we drank from the two-liter in the Meijer parking lot--with a straw.

- The crossing guard called me "darlin'" this morning.

- I watched a pathetically shaved, trembling, and froofy poodle pee on a garbage can, but he was so little his marking had to be really brief.

- It's the first day of fall! I baked leaf-shaped cookies! They are hard and must be dipped in coffee!

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