Tuesday, March 10, 2009

post 101

This blog has been such an on-again, off-again endeavor, I never really thought I'd make it to more than 100 posts. I'm feeling nostalgic now, recalling the birth of my first blog over at Livejournal (December of 2003 -- so I was a junior in college?), then the shift to Xanga, and the inevitable switch to blogger. Going back and reading entries, I'm intimidated by myself, or the she I was back then, all aching with loveliness and throbbing with intensity. Five years have toned me down a bit. A bit.

Today in the crazy endless rain, I'm thankful for hot tea, poetry, and the sudden realization that what comes next might honestly be better.


  1. Hi Cindy,

    I am Katie's Dad and I often read your blog and comment on it to Katie. Congratulations on reaching number 100. You are a terrific writer. Perhaps you will be the next Kathleen Norris.


  2. Mr. Katie's Dad, your comment made my day shine. :o) Thank you.