Saturday, October 31, 2009

five-sense friday (on saturday)

Yesterday was full and not very computer-oriented; I was busy doing the sensing!

Today, though, after a five-hour bout of dates and errands, I am home, and pausing to breathe and little and think about the week. So here we have it:

feeling/touching: the chill after a few days of warmer weather. Yesterday, all day I felt the damp bottoms of my jeans around my ankles--as soon as they'd dry, I'd be out in the rain and puddles again. Today they are dry, and I notice the dryness and am thankful.

tasting: the burning heat of salsa from my taco salad lunch (that's also feeling, I suppose). Soon: cinnamon tea.

smelling: the ghost of last night's dinner: roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, brown sugar carrots, green beans, pumpkin cookies.

hearing: my fingernails on computer keys and the refrigerator's shudder.

seeing: condensation on all the windows from all of last night's cooking; small children on the streets in costume, earlier; the tiny yellow-brown leaves we track into the apartment with our shoes, inevitably.

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