Friday, October 2, 2009

five sense friday

Really, this chill in the air has astonished me. Where did it come from? How has September already passed? October, I love you, for many reasons (apple picking, leaf-shaped cookie cutters, a return to chai tea and cocoa, cozying up with blankets, roasted things), really, I do, but where did you come from?

My five senses today are from the week, not just this moment:

seeing: Wednesday afternoon, on the silent reading floor, a row of five students spread out in plush tweedy and leather chairs, all with their shoes off and feet tucked up (including mine, of course, and also gawky tall underclass boys and an elegantly coiffed young woman).

hearing: rain against the windowpanes yesterday through much of the evening and night.

smelling: roasting walnuts. so good.

tasting: the cinnamon I'm adding to everything these days.

touching: sweaters, thick socks, slippers inside (waiting for the heat to come on) -- scarves and the insides of my pockets when I'm outside!

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  1. Cindy,

    I agree. Fall came very suddenly. But it's my favorite season of the year! I love hats and scarves and light jackets and winter squash and soup and apple cider and sweaters and crisp evenings and fires.