Friday, November 6, 2009

five-sense friday

seeing: emails from students asking for help with their papers! lots of emails! lots of question marks! lots of theory-driven panic! Also, the delight of larger print than usual in the book I'm currently reading, which is not so much a treat for my eyes as it is a relief that fewer words per page = less time spent! Yesterday, the magic moments of autumn dusk in the city, when warm incandescent lights switch on before the sky is fully dark, and the golden electric glow illuminates and is illuminated by the lingering blue around it.

hearing: a Ray LaMontagne CD I had in college--his smoky voice makes me nostalgic for Ohio's wooded back roads and the kitchen windowsill in my first apartment, with its stubborn (if pitiful) pot of chives. Also, earlier today, R's loud and sudden laughter, the sign of a 19-month-old's unabashed delight at the noise and force of windblown leaves racing and bouncing over the sand at the beach.

smelling: popcorn. Of course. A Friday night alone means popcorn for dinner.

tasting: tea. Also, anticipating the taste of pumpkin-spice waffles tomorrow.

feeling: cold, the chill that is beautiful when fall lets us have some sunshine along with its breezes.

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