Friday, November 13, 2009

On My Couch

I spent something like 90% of my waking hours on this couch today. With those pillows and blankets. And with soup. And during those hours, I abandoned all attempts to read, or think deep thoughts, or work on my to-do lists, or anything of the sort. I watched episode after episode of Gilmore Girls and worked on mending, thimbled finger and all. I also drank vast quantities of ginger ale and ate soup and yogurt with those delicious blueberry preserves.

I spend a lot of time on this couch. Typically, I read on it. Sometimes I accidentally fall asleep. Occasionally I rope Josh into watching an old movie with me, and we sit on the couch together. More often, our shared couch time is something like this, our legs competing for space and our book covers flirting with one another:

But today I was on my own. Just me and those Connecticut crazies. Watching Gilmore Girls made me think about the kind of girl I was in high school and college and the kind of person I figured I'd grow up to be. That's a question to ponder. I will ponder it as I meander into the kitchen to spoon out some more yogurt. Then I will probably go to bed.

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