Tuesday, December 8, 2009

advent 2.3

Mary stood and gaped,
her homespun blue giving the sky back to itself,
and spread out her hands.
These fingers will hold the Son of God?
These breasts will nurse the Seed of Hope?
This body will bear the Root of Jesse?
But who am I?
And a crumb clung to the blue homespun,
and her toenails were rimmed in dust.
Will this be recorded in the books?
Will the songs remember me? Yes.
And women will know that God saved the world
with a woman, with what only a woman could do,
which is cherish life within her own body.
Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh,
Adam said once, but it was Eve who forever after
nourished bones and flesh with her bones and flesh,
and sheltered the very blood, the very blood
of the Savior of the World; the blood he shed
came into being through the self-giving of her own.
Did she think of this? Did she know it
when her heart skipped a beat at the visitor's words?

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