Friday, December 11, 2009

advent 2.6

This morning I had chai with one of the myriad Ammas in my community, and she showed me how to write my name in Nepali. We read a passage from Scripture, each in our own language, and she looked up at me when she'd reached the end: "It's good," she said. "It's very good."

This afternoon I spent time with R, who is going through a life transition and wanted only to put his tiny hands around my neck and nestle his not-quite-two-year-old head on my shoulder and listen to Iron and Wine. We danced a little in the pantry. We walked into the living room while the sun was disappearing, and he looked at the twinkle lights strung above the windows and whispered, with his eyes full of joy and wonder, "lights!"

This evening the high school girls came over, and we ate breakfast for dinner and then cut up a Seventeen magazine to make an Advent collage: redemption on a living room floor.

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  1. O how we all need Ammas in our lives. Thanks so much for these reflections, they're really beautifully written and such good reminders of our place in time right now! (did you lead your service yet? I've been thinking of you in prayer!)