Friday, January 22, 2010

five-sense friday

photo credit: dad

I love trees. I miss trees a lot, in the city. I mean, I see trees on my walks (in fact, I choose which way to walk to campus during different parts of the year almost entirely on the basis of the trees along various routes. I know this is a little strange), but I miss the days of seeing them outside my window, climbing them, marking my life by their daily changes. I have other thoughts on trees, but they will come later. It's time for five-sense Friday.

seeing: not trees, but a rose in the middle of my table, white and opening and soft, a first-day-of-the-semester surprise from a very kind husband.

hearing: those radiators. No music. I'm just not in a music mood today.

tasting: for lunch: grilled cheese that Amanda (yes, long lost Amanda!) and Josh ate without complaining, even though it was woefully charred. I scraped off what I could of the blackened crust. for dinner: this sauce.

smelling: carrot cake for a very special lady, baked all fresh and warm this morning.

feeling: very, very tired. This whole teaching / exam studying / human being gig wears a girl out.

And you? Feel free to play along!


  1. How was the sauce? As good as she says?

  2. The sauce was pretty good, but honestly not life-changing. We made the Mark Bittman kind once with Matt and Brandi, the one where you use fresh tomatoes and butter, and I recall that being more impressive. It also might be my noodles, which were from Trader Joe's and somehow seemed to taste of nutmeg?