Thursday, February 18, 2010

five-sense friday, a day early

Tomorrow morning I will drive south for a conference, and so I give you five-sense Thursday evening and imagined Friday.

smelling: just now, the popcorn I made for my dinner. Tomorrow, the inside of our car, then hotel air.

tasting: in a moment, i will make some decaf chai. Tomorrow, I will probably drink coffee as I drive.

hearing: neighbors in the courtyard, neighbors downstairs, the cat next door meowing at the door for attention when I walked up the stairs. Tomorrow, the radio.

feeling: warm and cozy home after a day downtown. Tomorrow, that dull ache in my left foot when I've used the right all day to push the gas pedal and brakes.

seeing: stacks of clothes to put in my suitcase. My final presentation revision hot off the press. Tomorrow, farm fields (under snow? no?). Wide skies. Taillights.

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