Friday, March 26, 2010

five-sense Friday

Suddenly it just occurred to me that it's Friday. I'm all confused.

Today I've been...

smelling: the thawed dirt after a bit of a chill; the peculiar specificity of each public space (could you recognize the smell of Target blindfolded? or a particular grocery store? the post office? your car? I decided today that I probably could)

tasting: pizza, frozen and thawed and deliciously cheesy; also freezer-sourced waffles with peanut butter and strawberries; water; tea

seeing: words on a screen ... many, many words; watery yellow sunlight and a blue sky and green growing shoots of things cropping up all over

hearing: classical radio; clock tick; clickety keyboard keys; my own deep breaths; muffled traffic

feeling: my hair on my shoulders--it is getting long; the urge to clean out everything; hope for spring

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