Friday, April 9, 2010

five-sense Friday

seeing: Stacks and stacks of books and papers. The hard part about studying a lot of things for a long time is that when you finally get around to writing about it, the process of finding the page to quote is totally unmanageable. But the books smell all book-like and satisfying, and the papers have this crisp-yet-familiar appeal like smart and funny people you get to talk with.

feeling: the chill seeping in our windows since we put the storm windows up and the screens down when it hit 70, only now it's 30 again. Delight at fuzzy socks. Delight at blue sky.

smelling: citrus candle, tea steam, books.

tasting: for breakfast, the hugest bowl of cereal with almonds and the coldest possible milk; black tea; later, pasta salad with roasted vegetables and feta, split pea soup (made with my first-ever ham bone--I walked around all day Wednesday thinking that the sentence "I have a ham bone for my soup pot" is the best ever). The post-Lenten joy of chocolate.

hearing: neighbors laughing through the floor--wonderful. Traffic on the street. Josh's keyboard tapping layered under mine. Birds, birds, birds.

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  1. "I have a ham bone for my soup pot" is the best sentence ever. Love it.