Friday, April 30, 2010

five-sense Friday

I told Josh this morning that I think this is my first Chicago spring. Really, it's my fourth, but I have this strong sense of never really noticing it before. Perhaps this is because for our first three years here I was deep in the muddle of final papers during this season. This time around I'm still burdened with plenty of grading, but it's not the same all-consuming absorption as writing essays of my own.

In this spirit of spring attentiveness, here's what I've been noticing today:

seeing: green buds, glowing against blue morning; neighbors without their jackets; ice cream on sale at the grocery store

hearing: birdsong

smelling: lilacs and breezes

feeling: bare arms, bare feet, the texture of my floors against my heels

tasting: coffee and donuts, 7-up, grapes (the promise of freedom once these papers are graded!)

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