Friday, May 21, 2010

five-sense Friday

Last night Josh took his last exam and handed in his last paper of the semester (and now officially has only one more semester to go!). Tonight my dear college Roomie arrives in town for a day and a half of catch-up. My sense-cup overflows.

tasting: cereal for lunch; for breakfast, astonishingly lovely omelet, potatoes, whole wheat biscuit, butter, coffee with cream, honey... anticipating pizza for dinner.

smelling: fresh cool air; thyme-scented bathroom cleaner; laundry soap

hearing: birds; Dora the Explorer in the nieghbor's living room across the alley; another neighbor singing (or wailing?) "Forever Young" in the shower

feeling: bare feet; cold water; satisfaction

seeing: cloudy skies; a fairly clean apartment; my to-do list

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