Thursday, June 3, 2010

five-sense Friday, a day early

Tomorrow I leave for a week in the mythical Northwest with as pared down a carry-on load as I can muster (nothing to compete with my college Roomie's recent tiny-bag weekend visit magnificence), and I am excited. I love travel. I love seeing new places. I love eating meals other people have cooked.

Today has been a day of preparation. Packing and re-packing my very full bag, picking things up, returning things, sending notes, scrubbing the tub (this soothes me, I think). Here is what I have been sensing:

touch: the cool of a perfect late-spring day, with its breezes and its sun-warmth on my skin; blisters from a new pair of shoes I'm trying to break in.

smell: cinnamon tea, chocolate, thyme-scented bathroom cleaner, lotion on my hands from decanting bottles into TSA-regulation sizes.

sight: blue sky, sunshine, everything green and alive; students in the library engrossed in their books; dark red roses so stubbornly giving themselves up to beauty, they make you cry; former students on the sidewalk.

sound: a neighbor baby sobbing; car horns; airplanes; someone across the alley playing the electric guitar (badly); the clock ticking.

taste: homemade granola, lots of tea, Golden Delicious apple, baby swiss cheese; the promise of sauteed marinated chicken over a fresh green salad with thin-sliced radishes, roasted honeyed rhubarb, and feta cheese; molten chocolate cakes with strawberries like jewels.

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  1. The Northwest! I wish it was my Northwest...