Friday, July 23, 2010

five-sense Friday: Montana edition

Oh, Montana. Here and now, I am...

seeing: dogs, horses, cats, chickens, garden, chaos, and my husband+three siblings nailing plywood to a very old roof. And mountains everywhere I look. Beautiful, beautiful mountains.

smelling: dogs, horses, cats, chickens, garden, pool chlorine, sunscreen, bug spray, hay, hot wood.

feeling: hot then cold, the agonizing itch of thirty-seven mosquito bites, a bruised skull from when I dropped an extension ladder on my head, splinters, sawdust everywhere. Grass on my feet. Fur under my hands. Horses' lips grazing my palms for apple cores.

tasting: coffee, tea, lemonade, sawdust, dust dust, amazing granola, so much food, food, food.

hearing: hammers overhead; stomping overhead; the mule who screams like a woman; dogs, horses, cats, chickens; fish tank filter, pool filter, constantly-running washing machine and dryer; inside jokes and crazy laughter; saws; demands; laughter; wind in the trees; laughter.

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