Friday, August 27, 2010

five-sense Friday

Having accomplished my seasonal furniture change-up, still contemplating the cleaning and laundry, eyeballing the two-foot-tall stack of Dissertation Files, and finished with my second cup of very black tea, I bring you the weekly account...


a new angle on things; a different view from every chair and desk; breezes moving the curtains in an oh-so-seductive way


cinnamony-nutty-sweet slices of birthday breakfast bread from my best-ever mom; the last of the tea my dad brought us from England


late-summer candles on the table


those breezes, the flirts; the ache of worked muscles; hair tickling the back of my neck


machines working on whatever project required the digging up of all our sidewalk corners; a neighbor's jangly keys; my constant classical radio announcer companions

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