Friday, September 24, 2010

five-sense Friday: MN edition

In this week of typing and typing and typing away at this dissertation, I have been so blessed by a quiet yet very comfy spot away. Its beauty is astonishing.

hearing: wind in trees and waves against the beach and dock

seeing: white-capped waves, frantic squirrels holding acorns like treasures, far in the distance an island called Spirit, and yesterday, the elegantly angled wings of a bald eagle

smelling: fresh air, spiced with autumn's wood-burning stoves

tasting: a crisp and tart apple picked from the front-yard tree, endless cups of tea, delicious meals of things roasted and baked and broiled

feeling: forty-five degree chill, yet warmth in the scarf around my neck, the mug between my palms, the thick socks on my feet. Thanks.

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