Friday, January 28, 2011

five-sense Friday

My baby brother has chastised me for my blogging hiatus, but I blame it on two weekends away at camp and the fact that I am--actually, honestly--trying to write a dissertation. Also, I need to publish some things in venues I can put on a resume...this lovely blog only goes so far, you know?

But here I am with a report on the world's beauty today: it was an A plus beauty day in which I...

smelled: crispish winter air, and the baking of muffins with their sweet and floury alchemy

tasted: said muffins, studded with blueberries or granola, and also a gigantic yellow delicious apple that was both yellow and delicious in the tenderest of ways

saw: the whitest snow in twilight's fading, and friends

felt: the heat of dishwater on my winter-rough hands, the soothing slipperiness of lotion, the warmth of a woolen  hat over my ears

heard: voices and wisdom, questions and laughter, and a young man with an immigrant's lilt thanking me for moving over on the sidewalk so he and his father could pass by

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