Friday, March 18, 2011

five-sense Friday

This morning I've been working on revisions and thinking about possible futures. Heady stuff. I'm also firmly planted in a time and place and body, though, so I'll take a moment to attend to this reality. Today I'm...

hearing: piano+oboe on the radio; building engineer clomping around on the roof to manage the inevitable spring old-building leaks; ticking clock

smelling: that wonderful fragrance of toasting bread

seeing: the piles and stacks growing unruly again--always more paper, and where to put it? Also, sunshine and steely sky

feeling: changing temperatures! bare feet on wooden floors!

tasting: leftover toasted soda bread, honey, jam, tea; for lunch...? something good, let's hope


  1. yes, the piles of paper. I usually end up shoving mine into corners or under desks where they just accumulate dust. It seems a special kind of denial. :) XOXO

  2. Those piles are brutal for someone who has folks over nearly every other day and wants to be hospitable about dust-bunny allergies, though. ;o) I'm always looking for better solutions to storing and organizing.