Friday, April 15, 2011

five-sense Friday

It's been a crazy few weeks -- my head has been in the writing process, with breaks for major life events and occasional bouts of fully engaged humanness. Yesterday I turned in a draft of this third chapter to my dissertation director (probably should have done so a week ago), and my head is so frazzled I don't even know for sure how to feel relieved. I have some other deadlines looming (read: today), so it's out of the frying pan and into the fire.

However, spring is sneaking up on me. That's probably the theme of my sense of the world this week, when I've been...

seeing: the green bulb shoots in the courtyard assert themselves, grow so tall they flop over in rain, and then (suddenly! yesterday!) burst into daffodils so proudly yellow it nearly hurts to look at them

hearing: insistent bird-chirping, and the city-neighborhood noise I always forget through the winter when the windows are closed--children laughing and yelling their way to school, cars, doors slamming shut, birds birds birds

smelling: the garlic and onion shadows of last night's veggie pot pie, spiced with marjoram and thyme

tasting: that dinner, and the first ice cream of the season, and delicious lunch with a friend, and plenty of coffee and tea

feeling: breezes, bare toes, rain splatters, and relief

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