Friday, May 13, 2011

five-sense Friday

Oh, today. Today was good. Today my parents were in town, and while Josh was occupied with pastoring- and seminarying- and graduating-type things, and we missed him a great deal, the three of us had a rather full and rather good day. At various points in this day, we ...

saw: tulips all open and aflutter in rainbow variety; lions and tigers and monkeys; a sunny sky and bright green grass give way to low-lying fog and haze; our own reflections in lots of storefronts; Cubs fans in costume; public schoolkids in matching shirts running around, like people versions of those crazy tulips; through a lens

heard: screaming children (and parents); chirping birds; screaming children; a knock at the door; each other

felt: warm and then not warm in the twenty-five-degree drop; wind; glad for tea; sore feet (in the best way)

smelled: coffee; baking brownies and lemon cakes and pizza; french fries; fishy penguin lunch

tasted: coffee and bagels and almonds and Five Guys and tea and pizza and salad and a very, very sour and sweet and spicy chewy candy on a stick I bought from a lady in one of the little markets...mmmm.

Dad's medium is photos: I link when he posts them.

Also: can't believe J graduates tomorrow. Seriously.

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