Friday, May 20, 2011

five-sense Friday

Photo credit: Dad
Well, friends, this week has been a doozy. (Or do you spell it "doozie"? Google tells me the y is right.) Last Saturday J graduated (such a fancy hood--I made him wear it to dinner that night!), and then Sunday we had lots of people troop through our apartment to eat cake, and then suddenly it was the next week, and my parents were heading back home, and I had small group and dinner out and a birthday dinner party and a conference paper and a new fascination with the season finales of Castle and Bones. (This is getting pretty true-confessiony. Here's the story: during Lent, when I was fasting from beautiful blogs of people I don't actually know and focusing more on my creative writing, I couldn't help but fall into following two new shows with novelists as main characters, could I? Plus mystery!)

So in these busy days, I have been...

hearing: Josh's expanding vinyl collection; tour guides around campus extolling its wonders to prospective students; laughter and airplanes

seeing: rain on the windowpanes, blue in the sky, red in the tulips, green in the grass, low-lying fog creeping between buildings over the sidewalk

smelling: lilacs! quiche! coffee!

tasting: more sweets than I care to admit; the promise of Thai later tonight

feeling: breezes and sun, fog on my cheeks, the weight of a conference paper that just won't be finished, anticipation for upcoming mountain views.....

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  1. Castle and Bones are my two favorite TV shows! I just love all the writerly things that Castle throws in there. :)

    As always, I love your Friday posts. Even when I forget to do my own, yours remind me to pay attention to the world around me. So thanks :)