Friday, June 24, 2011

five-sense Friday

Today, I've been...

smelling: mown grass; city summer (sewer stench laced with flowering bushes, bus exhaust swirled with grilling food); the sweet warm familiarity of a coffee shop

hearing: relative quiet brought about, perhaps, by the overcast sky and cooler breezes; birds and horns and a Street Wise seller telling me to have a blessed day; Bon Iver

seeing: steely clouds, seven stamps lined up in the corner of a manilla envelope just so

tasting: delicious granola, orange chicken, cafe au lait

feeling: the heavy pull of grocery bags against both palms, the weight of laundry baskets propped against my hip, and first thing: the early-morning joy of cool sheets against my limbs and the promise of a good new thing

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