Friday, July 1, 2011

five-sense Friday

Today, I've been...

seeing: tree leaves thick and vibrant with last night's rain, reaching up for the promised more to come; downed branches all alone and maybe-lonely for their tree-homes; the face of my love across a suburban restaurant table, studying his books, so very dearly freckled

smelling: rain
tasting: coffee with milk, brownie, salad with purple olives

feeling: my first-ever stitches tugging through numbed skin, and the strange lack of control over my body's response to its loss of flesh (in this case an area of moderately abnormal cells)--the cold sweat, pounding heart, ringing ears--and then feeling absolutely well

hearing: my parents' voices, the most familiar and precious, and their support, and their love; Bon Iver's haunting...what might have been lost; and Iron and Wine's hope:
Curiosity far greater than our fear
It felt so simple, so prodigious at the same time
Incredible things are happening in the world
Magical things are happening in this world.

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