Friday, October 28, 2011

five-sense Friday

Today, I'm...

hearing: Josh washing dishes before I was quite awake, a really comforting sound; KGLT, one of Bozeman's more eclectic radio stations; my fingers furious against the keys

seeing: mostly, my computer screen, and the tangle of books and papers and notebooks spread all across the couch beside me; the south end of the Bridgers, now that the tree in front of our window has up and lost almost all its leaves (it did this in a day. One day. Temperatures dropped into the teens one night early this week, and then next morning, when the sunlight touched the vibrantly green but frozen leaves, they began to fall in great clumps. It sounded as if the whole tree was rustling, shaking off its tulle and satin. Really, I've never seen such a thing: all morning long, leaves fell like rain, and by nightfall the tree was largely bare. The next two nights of cold curled the remaining leaves into dull, crisp shells of their former selves, and through these dried husks of leaf and thin strands of branch I can see the mountains, bluely covered in trees that will not lose their green.)

tasting: peanut butter toast and tea, and toast with the most wonderful blueberry jam

smelling: cinnamon, laundry, completion

feeling: glad for the soft couch as an office trade-up after days in my desk chair; ready for chapter 5 to be drafted, already; sore wrists from typing 40 pages in four days

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