Friday, January 13, 2012

Five-Sense Friday

I'm back from a week in Seattle and its environs, seeking to live into the cold present of Montana. When I returned, all the Christmas decorations were still up, since I was gone for the last two days of Christmas and for Epiphany and for Macedonian Christmas. Josh and I celebrated and then, yesterday, I put all the decorations away.

And today is Friday. Now, and here, I am...

smelling: the cold air and meager snow when I went outside this morning; steam from my hot black tea; peppermint hand soap and fir-tree dish soap and hand lotion that smells like lemon Pez candy

tasting: store-brand cheerios with banana; milky black tea; later on, salad and pizza and doutbless an apple or two

hearing: the hum of my laptop; the occasional whoosh of a car driving by; the strange quiet after eight days full of crowds and people

seeing: Rocky Mountain horizons again; fake tree needles all over the carpet; piles of laundry waiting for folding; piles of notes and drafts waiting for completion

feeling: warm mug between my palms; warm sweater on my arms; warm socks over my toes; the pressure of a deadline and the hope of the day after that

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