Friday, April 20, 2012

five-sense Friday

This week has been days and days of rain. Today, even, the sky is an argument between sunshine and clouds; I never know which will be winning when I look out the window. Living in this wide-sky place, I've come to appreciate more the movement of storms--there are days when I can that several miles north in the valley, all is clear, even as we face our downpour.

But on to the task at hand: today I've been...

seeing: those clouds, that sunshine, and their tug-of-war; friendly workers stocking the shelves at the grocery store; my own lists, perpetually growing

hearing: birdsong, mostly fighting magpies (which is hardly song), but also robins and others

smelling: the browning of bread as I make toast

tasting: that toast, with peanut butter; the relief of milky tea after a week without milk in the fridge

feeling: cool breeze on my cheeks outside, but also the sun's warmth; wind; my socks against my toes

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