Friday, June 22, 2012

five-sense Friday

Busy, busy, busy. After two weeks of camping out in the near-empty apartment, we found ourselves on Tuesday with an overflow of boxes and furniture. I type nestled on the couch, walled in by towers of big boxes on my left. The recycling drop-off runs just keep happening. 

From within the box forts, I've been...

seeing: well, boxes; also, the slowly satisfying process of furniture moving into position and rooms taking shape; the insides of too many big-box stores (in search of floor protectors for the bottoms of our chairs, a shelving solution for the bathroom, a tension rod); sunshine and blue sky after days and days of rain

hearing: CBC2, now that J has connected the radio; that particular rip-tear of tape being removed from cardboard; more of the previous

smelling: cardboard, and books of various ages, and candles rescued after ten months of living in a no-candles rental

tasting: pub burgers from down the street, and leftovers, and popcorn with cheese, and apples--the sorts of things one finds when one is hungry and weary and too occupied to cook

feeling: the warmth and weight of a down comforter (and two quilts!) bringing blissfully restful nights; achy muscles from the lifting and moving; hopeful at the thought of feeling settled soon 

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