Friday, July 27, 2012

five-sense Friday

seeing: the sun's glow on my computer screen, letting me know it's time to pack up and head home; I wonder, sitting here, whether winter's much shorter days will give me this feeling around lunchtime

hearing: flip-flop footsteps in the tiled hall; the hammering and music of so many work crews working on so many houses during my walk to work; also lawn mowers (many electric or subtle, whirring manual models), and birds, and occasional breezes in the leaves

smelling: oxygen-fresh air under the trees; spicy chai tea; this morning, the pizza dough I mixed up to rise all day in the fridge, yeasty and sweet

feeling: achy shoulders from bending over books; satisfaction in making it through said books; astonished, at moments, at my very own life

tasting: lemony chopped salad with white beans and feta; summer stone fruit tart against my tongue; promised ice cream

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