Friday, September 21, 2012

five-sense Friday

Oh, goodness. Life is full. I've been...

seeing: my students; my books; my computer screen (and my own bloodshot eyes in the mirror to prove it); gold creeping up on the treetops; steely autumnal skies

hearing: my kettle coming to a boil; my students; my morning alarm; my heart beating in my ears as I send ideas off into the ether

smelling: dusty books with their aging pages; apricot shampoo; peppermint castille soap; donuts; phantom toast

tasting: gingergolds; moroccan mint tea; Vietnamese noodle bowls; more coffee than usual; a caramel apple fritter (amazing)

feeling: the chill creeping in; the dry new warmth of our furnace kicking in; sweaters on my arms; scarves around my neck; mugs in my hands

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