Friday, October 5, 2012

five-sense Friday

What have you been up to, friends? I've been...

smelling: dry leaves carpeting the ground; Josh's man-soap on my skin all day yesterday as I'd forgotten to put a new bar of non-man-soap in the shower; roasting root vegetables; frost

hearing: the pattern of our furnace stirring to life; traffic going by; bubbling water as I use my electric kettle more and more frequently

seeing: a lot of textbook publishing reps, convincing me that their offerings are better than the books I'm using (where are the bagels, though? didn't they often bring bagels and coffee to woo the profs at Loyola?); changing oak leaves outside the college; steely skies and also sunny blue ones

feeling: cold; hot mugs in my hands; the weight of a Norton anthology against my elbow crooks as I hunch over reading about the sixteenth century (what a time!)

tasting: roasted turnips (these were spicy!); peanuts addicting in their saltiness; tart Mackintosh apples; toast made from Josh's delicious whole wheat bread; black tea, spiced chai, Moroccan mint, vanilla roibos; milk chocolate digestive biscuits (a profound form of motivation)

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