Friday, October 12, 2012

five-sense Friday

Can't believe how speedy time is recently. Today I'm...

seeing: the city at 3:30 a.m., lights reflecting on the river, traffic scant, everything quiet and inky and beautiful (this may be the rose-colored glasses version--I was also very, very tired and miffed at the airport's early flight schedules); a pool of lamplight inviting me back to bed after my dropping-off drive; trees increasingly bare up top

hearing: a puppy barking at me on my walk to campus, then running circles around my boots while being scolded; books sliding over on my shelf and startling me out of my wits

smelling: winter in the air, and autumn, and then winter again; the very aromatic cafe au lait I made myself this morning from leftover decaf saved in a jelly jar (cf. my disproportionate fondness for canning supplies even though I do not can)

tasting: said coffee with cinnamon in it; alphabet pretzels and carrots for lunch; my daily autumn apple; weak black tea all morning long

feeling: burning eyelids and a longing for my pillows and duvet; excited to go teach some Early Modern lit in a bit; thankful for Bad Lip Reading

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