Friday, November 30, 2012

five-sense Friday

Again, Friday. And I'm

hearing: 8tracks (in this land of no Pandora) and WFMT streaming live (the ads make me nostalgic for Chicago); students discussing their professors in the hallway

smelling: pour-over drip decaf made by moi, filling my office with goodness

feeling: the bitter wind against my stockinged kneecaps on the walk in; thankful for the heat I finally figured out how to work (by turning the knob on the thermostat--go figure)

tasting: banana bread and a roll with butter, plus apple and's time to go for groceries again

seeing: the stack of green-covered exam booklets (no bluebooks here), and my photocopied exams, all precious and official; a month stretching out full of reading and writing and elfing

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