Friday, December 28, 2012

five-sense Friday (family edition)

We are...

smelling: peppermint tea; marshmallows and butter melting for the family's classic fudge recipe; a super intense marinade of yogurt and cream, hot sauce and garlic, cilantro and cumin and coriander

tasting: pan-scrapings of the fudge; peppermint marshmallows; peanut butter blossom cookies; white-chocolate dipped pretzels stolen at every opportunity

seeing: Christmas lights on the tree; computer screens in abundance; occasional snow falling down; reflections of the lights in the windows; brothers! both of them! all of us home together!

hearing: all the voices; steps on the stairs; dishes stacked and dried and put away

feeling: chill from the open door; warmth from the heat vents; soft couch; very full of delicious food

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