Friday, August 16, 2013

five-sense Friday

Back from travels and...

seeing: a hazy sky that promises heat, heat, heat; a bin full of baby clothes; clean kitchen counters that bring me disproportionate pleasure

hearing: French radio; the endless hum of laundry; my whirring sewing machine; traffic rumbling by (farm equipment, building equipment, little cars--I'm getting better at telling them apart)

smelling: coming heat; tomato vines' distinctive tang on my hands after I water my small balcony garden

feeling: soil as I check for moisture and transplant my first baby spider-plant cutting (well, the first one that successfully grew water roots--we'll see how they do in soil); a bit weary after nights of incredibly vivid dreams and numerous bathroom trips; babe's feet (or knees?) wedged against my lower ribs

tasting: decaf chai; a new batch of granola made (unfortunately) with smoke-flavored and slightly old almonds (I blame my hazy brain); the promise of iced decaf coffee this afternoon, and pizza tonight, and garden fresh veggies from one of my local surrogate grandmas

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