Friday, December 13, 2013

five-sense Friday

Another week gone by? My goodness! Today I'm …

seeing: white snow whirling through the air, making everything fuzzy and lovely; my precious mom's face--and even her tears as she chops onions!--thanks to the wonders of technology; my babe's gummy grin, irresistible even when she should be sleeping…

hearing: the white noise of M's sleep sheep set to "ocean" layered over J's Advent playlist; M's coos and gurgles and screeches as she keeps trying out her voice; the clicking baseboard heat

feeling: that heat! and babe's warm cheeks; my rough-dry knuckles catching on cloth; ragged dough beneath my wooden spoon; wool on my feet

smelling: peppermint shower gel and fruity shampoo; milky baby; yeasty dough

tasting: red tea with vanilla and milk; chocolate cookies from a sweet friend; last night's black bean and sweet potato soup (with chili powder, cumin, and cinnamon) for lunch; the tartest Granny Smith; another chocolate cookie

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