Tuesday, January 21, 2014

in which time flies

I should absolutely be doing something else right now. The washing machine is spinning. The sink is full of dishes. The floors are a study of grime. I have a conference proposal deadline in three days. And the baby has just gone down for one of her power naps (35-40 minutes, if we're lucky).

But being pushed to my limits usually inspires me to blog, because for me blogging is still the LiveJournal/Xanga experience of "Dear Public Diary." I'm old that way (via AllButtonedUp). I feel the pull of my to-do list, and the thrum of ideas in my brain and bursting at the seams of my notebooks, and I am compelled to share my manic state with the Internet.

(Hello, Internet. I've been planning to write to you about my recent blogging hangups, the unease about writing too much about the new person who fills up my life, using her or making our life together too public. I learned last year that I am an eminently googleable individual after receiving an email from a stranger I met on a train in a big city and told only vague details about my life. Also, students. Hello, students. I suppose it's easy for you to find me too. I hope you're keeping up with your assigned reading alongside this extracurricular jaunt into the weblogs!)

Today, though: today is a typical day, which is to say that today I am learning to juggle. Before noon I'd done three loads of laundry, researched real estate listings, changed three diapers, nursed a baby twice (since waking--it's four times if you count since midnight!), made oatmeal, unloaded a dishwasher, bounced for twenty minutes on a physio ball to help a baby sleep, read several articles, chopped an onion and sautéed it with spinach, crumbled bacon, whisked together a custard, buttered a baking dish, and put together a frittata out of leftover chunks of communion bread saved in the freezer. And my tea is decaf. And we didn't get up until after eight.

This is a good life, and a beautiful one. I love these days. But my, how full they are!

The point of all of which is to say, Hello, Internet. Hello, friends. I have been rather quiet in this space of late, but it has to do with learning to live in my body as well as my mind, to share my days with another human being, to juggle the various and sundry tasks that call out for my attention.

And now: that conference proposal. Here we go.


  1. Oh goodness. It's SO much to juggle! But you are doing it with grace.

  2. I'm impressed with your accomplishments all in one morning, but then writing it all down definitely helps. "See, look! I did do something!"

    Loving the posts this week. :)