Friday, February 8, 2008

So far today, I have

(1) taught class -- I marked drafts last night, so we had a great deal to talk about.

(2) been to Bible study -- we discussed Isaiah 28-29 (tricky stuff), ate amazing banana bread with coconut in it, drank strong coffee, played a bit with the little ones (E tried to put a sugared walnut in my mouth, but it had already been in his, so I ended up with a sticky wet smear all over my cheek).

(3) filled two grocery bags at the market -- tonight we're having fettuccini with maranara (jarred) and alfredo (homemade) sauces at girls' group. A shameless plug: sells these bags, and while I'm totally into making my own, these are really heavy-duty bags with a lifetime guarantee.

(4) eaten popcorn and cheese for lunch (don't worry, mom, I'll sneak in some fruit this afternoon).

(5) vacuumed.

(6) dashed down the stairs to meet the mail carrier, accept my package of three more Toni Morrison books, and give her a very late Christmas gift card.

(7) sat down at my desk to start some more research on Song of Solomon and write an abstract for conference submission.

A little moment to share: Walking along the icy sidewalk today, I passed a young man with a travel mug, who trailed behind him this strong and mysterious aroma of Earl Grey tea. That was probably the hilight of my day.

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  1. Any gift is a good gift. Especially when it's least expected. :) I wish we lived closer to you guys.