Wednesday, March 12, 2008

sunshine on the way to an evening class!

This time change thing may not be so lovely in the morning, but it has its evening perks. I'm delighted to be heading out to my evening class with a blue sky and puffy clouds still visible. I'm even wearing a dress!

Yesterday I saw a girl on campus beating a fire out with a newspaper--someone had stuffed a Starbuck's cup full of cigarette butts, and it was burning. I wandered over and dumped my half-liter offering of Nalgene water on it, much to the girl's relief.

Today a complete stranger holding a steaming styrofoam cup of tea turned and told me that the birds were out again: a cardinal and a mourning dove on campus, and another cardinal in her backyard. I told her my mom had heard a robin in Michigan last week.

Josh's exam is done. And there was serious rejoicing in the land.

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  1. You know, I completely failed to notice the difference in the time of sunset and sunrise due to the changing of the clocks until you mentioned it. It definitely is nice to enjoy more sun in the evenings. :)