Monday, March 10, 2008

home again

From Tuesday until Saturday I was in Michigan--not exactly how I planned to spend Spring Break, but everso worth it. We found out Wednesday that my suddenly quite sick grandma has cancer, and then we spent Wednesday through Saturday in the hospital, pilfering nurses' station coffee (not the best) and hanging out. Thursday night I stayed with Grandma, and I think my favorite part was sitting on the edge of her bed together to watch the sunrise. The sky was overcast, and it looked like God had his finger on a dimmer switch and was slowly pulling up the dim blue light over the winter trees.

Josh's huge comprehensive M.A. exam is Wednesday at 10:00, so now that I'm home I'm trying to be a supportive housemate and let him choose the music and read at the lunch table. Tonight I made him pork chops, wild rice, and peas, with pecan bars for dessert. We'll eat them soon. They're basically naughty and delicious cheater pecan pie...mmmm.

And that, my friends, is that. Please pray for my grandma and for my Josh.

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