Thursday, January 22, 2009

the building engineer is chopping at ice in the alley

The semester is accelerating at an alarming speed, but as the craziness picks up steam, I've been enjoying the following things:

Tim Tams. Brandi and Matt found some at the Pepperidge Farm outlet and gave them to us for Christmas. Apparently, these cookies are available for the next few months at Target. The loveliest part of the cookies is biting off opposite corners and using them to suck up tea or coffee, which melts the inside of the cookie into a mass of warm chocolatey silk that one must immediately gobble up. (You can even find Wikipedia articles on this and YouTube videos of the process.)

Stash's Chai Spice Black Tea. I'm not sure why, but the assertive presence of the black tea and the spicy-rather-than-sweet emphasis in the spice blend are really perking me up just now. The winter is fully upon us here in the city, so piping hot tea with milk and sugar really helps.

The Chronicles of Narnia. Many evenings, Josh and I will pause our work around 9:00, and I'll pick up some form of sewing, and he'll read to me. He does all the voices. We're near the beginning of The Silver Chair now, but I love the cover of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Its enough to keep me daydreaming through my many Freud readings. Speaking of which...

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