Friday, January 1, 2010

five-sense friday

(photo credit: dad)

smelling: Josh's New Year candle, a hodgepodge of melted candle remnants scavenged and poured into an empty pasta sauce jar throughout 2009. It looks like sedimented rock, and its layers of scents are similarly varied.

tasting: four-grain batter bread, spread with homemade hummus and thin-sliced cucumbers. Plus the leftovers of our 88-cent bottle of Diet Squirt, last night's budget bubbly.

hearing: the scream-steam radiators, classical radio, and the strange silence of living alone after a week of family Grand Central Station.

seeing: my books, my notes, my books, my messes, my books, my piles, my books. Also, all our gifts piled under the tree. Every once in a while I say to Josh, "Wow, we have generous families."

feeling: warm and settled. The urge to travel. The urge to do anything but study. The profound need to study. T minus 31 days.

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