Friday, December 10, 2010

five-sense Friday

Photo credit: my dad.

Friday already, and well into December, and I am amazed at the quickness and the snow. Recently I've been...

seeing: white sparkle snow, ice, snow; the wonderful tradition in my neighborhood of wrapping red Christmas ribbons through fences; lots of books

hearing: the radio (classical) and an J's indie Christmas playlist; also his paper typing; also library near-silence and the sound of my own pen scratching notebook paper

feeling: cold warm cold warm cold warm, and the joy of my Montana Woolens hat

tasting: lots of hot cocoa, tea, and coffee, plus lots of fruit

smelling: if you ever head to the north side of Chicago and stand on the corner of Clark Street and Lunt around 6:00 p.m., you will smell the joy of sweet frying dough, thanks to a Dunkin Donuts and two Mexican pastry shops within a block. I have been sniffing that, with deep appreciation.

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