Friday, September 23, 2011

five-sense Friday

Today, I've been...

seeing: mostly this computer screen, aglow with competing open windows of documents in various stages of drafting and revision; also, breezes flirting with the leaves in the tree outside the living room window and its patches of yellow leaves against a pale blue sky

hearing: the hum of a refrigerator, the sizzle of eggs in a little cast-iron skillet, the sound of a dear friend's voice on the phone--for almost two hours of catching up!

smelling: sunny air, dishwashing soap, the lemon lotion on my very dry hands

feeling: the strange warmth of a late September day, warmer than I expected of the first day of fall in Montana; sleeves pushed up around my elbows; a bit of pressure about all the questions and changes of life, and the rush and hurry of the academic job market; excited to go for a walk once Josh comes home from work

tasting: homemade maple walnut granola and green tea; then decaf black tea with milk; an egg and cheddar sandwich on toast; a juicy late-season nectarine; more milky tea and milk-chocolate digestives from a Sainsbury's in Central London (they made it well in my suitcase); later, I will make some reincarnation of leftovers from a recent roast dinner, with carrots and potatoes and gravy and a wee bit of chicken--Josh might compose me a praise poem if the reincarnation happens to be pot pie

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