Friday, September 30, 2011

five-sense Friday

Today, I'm...

smelling: the deliciously sweet steam coming off two big pots of apples cooking during a morning canning party with a new friend; a bit of apple water burning in a boilover, reminiscent of the scent of apple pies dripping over to the oven floor when Mom baked them, the most wonderful variety of burnt sugar

tasting: a Washington peach cut onto my morning granola, and milky black tea accidentally double brewed (I must not have been awake enough to notice the two bags I put in my yellow mug); the tart bite of applesauce made from a Montana fruit tree

hearing: life stories all morning; construction somewhere down the street this afternoon; the quiet of a Friday with students at class or getting ready for their weekends

seeing: fall colors along I-90, more vibrant than anywhere else I've seen in Montana so far; a truck pulling a huge load of lodgepole pine trunks (some of their green bits still attached) merging onto the interstate; recipes for chocolate cakes to celebrate the end of Josh's work week tonight

feeling: sleepy and thankful; a ten-month-old tugging on my necklace at some points, the weight of a mason jar in my jar-grabber's grip at others (his mom and I took turns); the gravitational pull of a stack of articles and books I need to read by, oh, yesterday; glad about chocolate cake

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