Friday, October 7, 2011

five-sense Friday, parent edition

I picked up my parents from the airport this morning, and so they're here participating in the weekly tradition. Today, we are...

smelling: the freshness after a rain (dad), pre-snow (mom), jet fuel, bread toasting in the oven, constant comment tea brewing for iced tea

hearing: the dishwasher dad just miraculously fixed (mad props to him), laughter, me talking to myself

tasting: potato soup and bread, apples!, green onions on the soup, later! bacon and spinach salad and chicken and peaches and red onion and rice and apple crisp and vanilla ice cream!

feeling: chill air, content, excited about grizzly bears and elk (from the car), glad dad fixed our water heater so we don't scald ourselves all the time

seeing: long-lost family!, clouds low over the mountains, magpies, Michigan apples fresh from the farm via my mom's carry-on (best sight ever, other than, of course, the parents themselves)

1 comment:

  1. "the freshness after a rain"

    petrichor, my new favorite word.