Friday, October 14, 2011

five-sense Friday, parent edition no. 2

Mom and Dad leave tomorrow. While they've been here, we've been...

seeing: mountains, the first snow of the year down to 7,000 feet, dinosaur bones, pioneer artifacts, lots of delicious restaurant menus, bears and bison and elk at the park, Old Faithful, deer across the street from the apartment; all our favorite places

hearing: each other; the coffee grinder when Dad wakes up very, very early (or not, for those of us who are sleeping hard); Josh's records

smelling: coffee; cinnamon oil; fresh donuts; baking cookies; orange-ginger stir-fry on the stove; apple pie

feeling: chilly days and warm sun; the satisfaction of exploration; glad to be together

tasting: how to list it all? donuts and Mom's spaghetti and five-course steakhouse dinner and caramel-apple french toast and Mexican breakfast burrito and carrots and coffee and turkey and apples and granola and English muffins and eggs and all of it delicious

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful time you had in this visit! Thanks for sharing it with us. <3